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Join us and make a difference. Become a member of our growing community and help build a future for the youth of Vietnam, Meet other like-minded people and enjoy a true experience of Vietnam. Be the change Vietnam needs.

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This project provides people with an opportunity to start a new journey in Vietnam, poor children in remote areas around the country are in need of your help. Start teaching them English and improve their chances in the future.

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Teach for Mercury

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We are constantly on the lookout for bright experienced teachers looking to find the perfect job. Leave us your details and we will be in touch.

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A project based on bringing together eager students and travellers looking to experience the Vietnamese way of life. Live with your students and turn the classroom into everyday life teaching.


Our mission is to connect Vietnam and the World via English

  • Brighten up the lives of children in difficulty.

  • Volunteering with us requires NO prior experience.

  • Join us and be part of the ever-growing Mercury community.

  • Embrace the beautiful nature and culture of Vietnam.

  • Help us bridge the gap between you and Vietnam

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Tổ Chức Tình Nguyện Viên Quốc Tế Mercury tuyển nhân sự

Tổ Chức Tình Nguyện Viên Quốc Tế Mercury tuyển nhân sự cho Dự Án Lớp Học Tiếng Anh Cộng Đồng Tại Hà Nội.

Dự án hỗ trợ cho 500 sinh viên có cơ hội được tiếp cận với Tiếng Anh Chuẩn và miễn phí.

 Phòng Quản lý dự án, Văn Phòng: 3 Bạn.
Liên hệ và tư vấn về các khóa học của trung tâm cho học viên. Quản lý, sắp xếp học viên

Phòng đào tạo: 5 Bạn
Trực tiếp làm việc cùng các Tình Nguyện Viên Quốc Tế, lên kế hoạch giảng dạy, trợ giảng. Đứng lớp khi cần thiết.

 Phòng Thiết Kế đồ họa, Truyền Thông, Marketing: 5 bạn.
Lên kế hoạch, Tổ chức truyền thông về dự án, về lớp học.

Yêu cầu:
Có tinh thần nhiệt huyết, xây dựng cộng đồng. Giao tiếp tốt, năng động, sáng tạo, cẩn thận, chịu được áp lực công việc.
Có kinh nghiệm về chuyên ngành là một lợi thế chưa có kinh nghiệm sẽ được đào tạo.

Quyền lợi:
- Trở thành Tình Nguyện Viên Quốc Tế làm việc tại Mercury Việt Nam. Được tham gia vào các chương trình trao đổi tình nguyện viên quốc tế. Du lịch các nước Đông Nam Á.
- Được tham gia chương trình "Sống Thử Cùng Tây" miễn phí. Tìm hiểu giao lưu văn hóa, ngôn ngữ, học hỏi phong các làm việc cùng các tình nguyện viên khác trên khắp các quốc gia trên thế giới. Tham gia du lịch hàng kỳ cùng các Tình Nguyện Viên Quốc Tế.
- Được nhận lương hỗ trợ hàng tháng 3 đến 5 triệu. Được đào tạo Tiếng Anh miễn phí trong quá trình làm việc. Hỗ trợ ăn uống, chỗ ở cùng các Tình Nguyện Viên Quốc Tế.
- Cơ hội làm nhân viên chính thức của Mercury Vietnam.

Địa điểm:
1. Khu vực Bách Kinh Xây ( Đường Giáp Bát, Hoàng Mai)

2. Đại Học Ngoại Thương (Số 75 Chùa Láng)

3. Đại Học Công Nghiệp.

Hình thức ứng tuyển:

Ứng viên quan tâm, vui lòng điền thôn tin vào form đăng ký:


Wednesday, September 6, 2017


We are here to help !

The Mercury family is a big one and it’s continuously growing, we know that having such a great family can be of a huge benefit to others. As a welcoming community we wish to guide and support anyone who is either looking to begin their journey in Vietnam or is already here and struggling to find their feet.

Beginning in Vietnam can be tricky and sometimes overwhelming at first, with the language a difficult one to grasp and a fast paced way of life, we can help make the initiation easier.

Our team has experienced Vietnamese members with good knowledge of the surroundings and a big following from the local community working hand in hand with native speakers who are now part of the family. We have a brilliant understanding of each other in the team so anything you are having trouble with should be a lot easier for us to solve.

Having worked with people from around the world we are experienced in helping people starting out in Vietnam, whether you are looking to help the less privileged, kick start a career in teaching or just enjoy your stay whilst traveling we can quickly find a solution and help you enjoy a better experience.

We are willing to share any useful information and help anyone meeting difficulties. You need a cheap coach somewhere? Looking for a good place to rent a bike ? Are you stuck and need a place to stay for a few days ? Do you want to know where the best restaurants are ?  Whatever it is you are looking for, get in touch and we will do our best to either support you or point you in the right direction.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Our Feedback

We couldn't have done any of it without the great people who have helped us throughout the years. We'd like to invite everyone to leave their testaments here for others to see and hopefully encourage future members of Mercury to join.

About Hanoi

Hanoi is always on the go, while the traffic can be a little alarming at first you soon get used to it and can pride yourself in crossing the roads without panicking after a couple of weeks of being immersed. west lake is a great spot for a relaxing coffee or old quarter for a stroll and shopping if you want to feel the heartbeat of Hanoi. 

Meanwhile, its tranquil countryside is a short drive away, featuring lush parks, verdant mountains, and traditional villages, and not forgetting, the iconic Ha Long Bay. If you’re a first-time visitor to the Vietnamese capital there are a number of things for you to discover once your here.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Career Start Project

Vietnam is in need of your English speaking skills and we are here to bridge the gap between you and this beautiful country. We provide a stable working environment with benefits, a steady salary of 10 million vietnamese dong (around $500), comfortable accommodation, Pick up from the airport and a 3 month visa on arrival. Upon completion of a 3 month contract in accordance with the Vietnamese Government, fully paid job opportunities will be presented.

Mercury is delighted to offer you a life changing opportunity. The children of Vietnam are some of the most beautiful people I've met and with your enthusiasm and experience we intend on brightening the lives of as many of them around the country as possible. So many children here are still living in difficult conditions never having had the opportunity to meet or learn from people of other nationalities. Thankfully the leaders of local districts all around the country are pulling together and taking the first step towards making a change. These children are extremely eager and will brighten your life up as much as you will theirs.

Our first Project is based in Vinh Phuc province and requires hard working, enthusiastic and loving people with plenty of character. To help you, we will provide a training course with an experienced teacher free of charge before starting the position. Syllabus, teaching materials and assistance will be provided. All necessary transport will be available and connections will be assisted throughout your time with us. We have been working with teachers, volunteers and multiple schools for several years and as such we have a thorough understanding of both your needs and the schools requirements.

Your Job will be to work alongside English teachers in public schools in Vinh Phuc province which is around 40km from Hanoi the capital and roughly 10 km from Noi Bai airport. The current Vietnamese teachers will be your assistants and help you to find your feet and enjoy your teaching experience. After completing the course you will be awarded a government approved teaching certificate. This particular project starts in October however we are constantly working alongside the government to fill similar positions so please don't hesitate to apply for any given time.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Volunteer Teaching

Volunteering with Mercury is a great way for you to gain valuable teaching and classroom-based work experience while helping less fortunate children or young adults gain the skills they need to aim for a brighter future. Whether you are on a gap year, career change, or looking for a worthwhile experience during a vacation, you will have an important role to play as a teacher in one of our partner schools.

There is an enormous demand for learning English among Vietnam’s youth and it is taught in all secondary schools, many elementary schools, and in certain college departments. Although public schools are generally well-run, class sizes are large and can really benefit from having a teacher coming from abroad as a change from the norm and brighten up the atmosphere of the classroom.

Since the mid-1960s Vietnam has followed an American model of education and administration and the country has recognized the rising prominence of English as the language of business and the importance of adapting the education system to the rapid pace of its economy. Tourism is also growing in Vietnam and speaking a high level of English is crucial to getting a good job within the tourism or business sectors.

As a teacher in Vietnam, your focus will be on improving your students’ conversational abilities. You can also get involved with teaching extra-curricular activities such as art, drama, and music, depending on your skills and interests.

In most schools you will lead your own class, though a few schools will allow you to begin as a classroom assistant to support the local teacher in their lessons. At our schools, students range in age from 5 years old to young adults depending on the department where you are placed.

Whether you are teaching your own class or assisting another teacher, a large part of your role is to help improve the students’ English pronunciation. By teaching fun and inclusive lessons, you will develop your students’ confidence and impact their futures. They will be interested in learning about you and your life in your home country and we really hope you will enjoy sharing your experiences them.

About Vietnam

Vietnam provides the perfect mix for anyone considering a new challenge – beautiful scenery, great food, a rich culture and wonderful people. A country on the rise that has a world of adventures to offer. There is surely something for everyone here, bustling cities to calm and peaceful countryside Vietnam really does offer a wide range of lifestyles. Unfortunately a sad and war-torn past still haunts this amazing country and poverty and social exclusion are rife in certain areas. Our goal is to bring the joy of life to these areas.

Our projects aim to bring you closer to the vietnamese in need of your skills and experience. Looking to branch out from Hanoi we have partners in remote areas all around the capital. We are aiming to fill the void in the more secluded areas to help share the enthusiasm that travellers bring.

Joining us in Vietnam isn’t all about the people we help; it is a rich and rewarding experience for the people travelling here too. Our people are exposed to a side of Vietnamese life that tourists and backpackers just don’t see. Our volunteers and teachers work closely with Vietnamese people and can sometimes find themselves living with Vietnamese host families.

Bordered by Cambodia, Laos and China, Vietnam is arguably the jewel in Southeast Asia’s crown. Lush landscapes, a stunning coastline and vibrant cities make this a very special place to spend time. All of our projects are located in and around Hanoi north Vietnam. Depending on the project you will always find yourself taken care of and living in suitable conditions according to your needs.

We consider our people as family and always stay in contact. Once you are part of the Mercury family you will always be a member. We hope you will join us soon and keep this great work moving forward.

Who We Are

Mercury Center was founded by two humble street vendors. Peter and his brother, came from difficult beginnings. Hidden in a quiet village, living in poverty with no real opportunity to build a future they decided to move to Hanoi. Here they started out as street vendors fighting to change their lives. After an early experience with foreign customers, they realized that the standard of English in Vietnam was simply not enough. From that point, they taught themselves English and vowed to help other lower class children who couldn’t afford the steep price of English education in Vietnam. 

· After 4 years, Mercury is a rising community of people from around the world that has shared its culture, experiences and knowledge, giving thousands of less fortunate students a chance to study the English language and look to a brighter future.
The youth of Vietnam is a vibrant, passionate, striving to learn community. Always eager to gain from other peoples experiences and forever trying their best. Together with our members who have truly brought their enthusiasm, knowledge and kind-heartedness everyone has made for an unforgettable experience on both sides.

Our aim has always been to bring the English language and the world culture to the young people of Vietnam whilst helping them grow and strive for a better world. Bringing joy to these children or giving a great experience to people traveling the world has been a great privilege.
We want to continue supporting Vietnams growth and help you enjoy an unforgettable experience teaching fantastic children. Join the family and enjoy discovering the Vietnamese culture, an extraordinary cuisine, great downtime, a new language, and plenty of adventures to some of the best places the world has to offer.


A society in which young people are empowered and legitimized as active and innovative contributors to a sustainable world.

To empower and support youth to build their capacity to affect long-term changes in regards to development issues.

Integrity is our primary value because it sets the standard for everything we do and believe in.

Fairness is crucial for determining what is best for any situation, from the way we treat our staff and volunteers to how we resolve conflicts.

Reliability and personal responsibility are necessary for maintaining consistency between our actions and principles.