Friday, May 26, 2017

Who We Are

Mercury Center was founded by two humble street vendors. Peter and his brother, came from difficult beginnings. Hidden in a quiet village, living in poverty with no real opportunity to build a future they decided to move to Hanoi. Here they started out as street vendors fighting to change their lives. After an early experience with foreign customers, they realized that the standard of English in Vietnam was simply not enough. From that point, they taught themselves English and vowed to help other lower class children who couldn’t afford the steep price of English education in Vietnam. 

· After 4 years, Mercury is a rising community of people from around the world that has shared its culture, experiences and knowledge, giving thousands of less fortunate students a chance to study the English language and look to a brighter future.
The youth of Vietnam is a vibrant, passionate, striving to learn community. Always eager to gain from other peoples experiences and forever trying their best. Together with our members who have truly brought their enthusiasm, knowledge and kind-heartedness everyone has made for an unforgettable experience on both sides.

Our aim has always been to bring the English language and the world culture to the young people of Vietnam whilst helping them grow and strive for a better world. Bringing joy to these children or giving a great experience to people traveling the world has been a great privilege.
We want to continue supporting Vietnams growth and help you enjoy an unforgettable experience teaching fantastic children. Join the family and enjoy discovering the Vietnamese culture, an extraordinary cuisine, great downtime, a new language, and plenty of adventures to some of the best places the world has to offer.


A society in which young people are empowered and legitimized as active and innovative contributors to a sustainable world.

To empower and support youth to build their capacity to affect long-term changes in regards to development issues.

Integrity is our primary value because it sets the standard for everything we do and believe in.

Fairness is crucial for determining what is best for any situation, from the way we treat our staff and volunteers to how we resolve conflicts.

Reliability and personal responsibility are necessary for maintaining consistency between our actions and principles.